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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Best Book Marketed to Young Women

What is the best book marketed to young women? 

I have extra time with The Contrarian again this week, so my heavy hitters are going to be over the weekend. We'll also be finishing up our "Tabs Cleanup" over next week, so those of you on feeds, be ready for a bit more posting than normal.

Obviously the heightened state of the nominations means we're certainly going to take this poll into semifinals (and perhaps quarterfinals). Regardless, it'll extend beyond April, so let's take another week to grab all the nominations we can get and have a proper throw down.

Rules are on the original page if you have questions, particularly about what "marketed to young women" means for the sake of the poll.

Please please please put any new nominations on the comments of the original page. If you leave them here, you might not get a second, and I might not see it when I compile the poll.

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