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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Best Dystopia [Diverse Poll]

What's the best dystopia written by someone other than a cishet white man*?   

We've got twelve titles from your nominations with equal numbers of "seconds" so we're not going to run any semifinal rounds this time, but there are a lot of great books to choose from. This one won't be easy!

If you have any questions about why this (and a year of our polls) are deliberately attempting to account for a usual lack of diversity, please check out this post.

I'm Spock-eyebrowing a couple of these titles. They're clearly more in line with horror and/or sci-fi than dystopia, but as with most polls, I will err on the side of inclusivity, and the folks who vote will have to decide if they agree.

The actual poll is on the left hand side at the bottom, beneath the "About The Author" section. Mobile viewers will have to go to the very bottom of their page and switch to "Webview" in order to access the poll.

Since we have a profusion of titles and a lot of powerhouses, everyone will get four (4) votes.

There is no way to rank votes, so please consider that every vote beyond the first "dilutes" the power of your initial vote and use as few as you can stand to use.

This poll will be up for a week and change, which means your IP logging will expire (after a week) and folks will be able to vote again. Since I cannot stop shenanigans, I encourage as much of it as possible. Vote early. Vote often.

*I tried on my Facebook page to word this inclusively ("by a woman or a POC or a member of the LGBTQ+ community") but pretty much the same number of Squiddies came to cry bitter tears about the double standard either way, so whatevawhooldes. 

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