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Monday, July 23, 2018

The Final Countdown (Meta/Personal Update)

I am now in the final week of summer school.  Three more days. Nine more classes. Six hundred and thirty minutes of class time. Thursday at 4:10, I blast off to freedom. 248,400 seconds (not including the drive home).

Cue synthesizer lick. "Dew do DOOO dooooo. Dew dew do do DEEWWWW."

Things around here get a little weird during the last week of summer school, so if this is your first run through this part of the year here at Writing About Writing, let me let you know how the rodeo goes.

First off, I've been hanging on like Frodo in Return of the King.....during the last half. I'm probably not so exhausted that I need a westwardly trip to Valinor, but a couple of days actually off is in order. And I've been spending the last five weeks basically ignoring every other part of my life (including this stack of emails that, were it physical, would be taller than me).

  1. Tomorrow I will wrap up our current poll (so y'all should totally go vote).
  2. Wednesday I will try one more time to get folks to sign up for a dollar or two a month on my Patreon. (And after that, you don't have to hear me pass the hat until September.)
  3. Thursday I will be off, as per normal these last six weeks. If you hear a shout from the SF-Bay Area at around 4:15, it's me shouting "FREEEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOM!"
  4. Friday I'm going to solicit questions for the next round of our Twenty Questions series. It'll be an easy day for me since I will basically be collapsed into a heap. It's been a long six weeks of 80 hour work schedules.
  5. Sat, Sun, Mon there won't be a post here. It's not exactly a vacation I'll be doing a MASSIVE admin weekend digging through 150 unread emails––not 150 rando emails that just need to be deleted. These are the ones I didn't immediately erase....the ones that need my attention.
  6. Tuesday I'll put up June's best posts. Another easy one for me.
  7. Wednesday I'll start gathering nominations our newest poll. 
  8. Thursday I will run the best of July. 
  9. And THAT....will be a week of jazz hands and the closest thing I'll do around here to taking time off (if I'm not bedridden). 
  10. Friday I'll do the 20 questions that I've been gathering. 
  11. After that, we're back on our regular schedule, which includes some posts that have been just sitting half written in my "unpublished" menu for months.
  12. And just so I don't end this without a little bit of real-time, pragmatic writing wisdom, I'll be writing every single day––just taking it easy on the blog posting. 

Our regular schedule will go back into place the following week. And we will hit the ground running. So for now...we are in...THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!

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