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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

July's Best (2018)

Unsurprisingly, things were a little thin around here during July. The 25 hours a week of teaching I added to my already ridiculous schedule crashed hard into my ability to, with the usual frequency, write the kinds of articles that do well.

Fortunately, I take my own folksy wisdom advice, and I keep writing even through the rough patches. Even when I'm slogging home at 8pm from a day of teaching, pet sitting, and kid wrangling. Posts go up, even if most of them suck, and we end up with a few that resonate through the din.

Here are the articles that shall be going on to fame and fortune in our Greatest Hits Menu for the month of July.

That Moment We Knew Was Coming I hit the end of my gas tank right on schedule during week 5 of teaching summer school.

We Regret to Inform You  Might have been the title, but this appeals post actually did better than most of the others.

Twenty Questions (Publishing/Blogging/FB and Social Media) The twenty questions is an idea I cooked up for surviving the summer school blitz by having a bunch of short answer questions instead of one with a long answer. Unfortunately this one was more like twenty regular mailboxes. *whew!*

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