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Monday, August 13, 2018

Best of 2018 by Month

[Note: Everything in Brackets will disappear in a few weeks.  We now have enough months of 2018 to set up the newest part of our Best of W.A.W. menu––always along those tab menus at the top. It's been a tough year, but we've still managed to do some good writing.]


Ursula K. LeGuin (in Memoriam) 
2018 Update Schedule (Buckle up Broflakes and SQiD's) Letting out the throttle on those social justice posts.
A Dozen Ways to Help You Not Write Every Day (If That's Your Jam) "Write every day" is excellent advice, but if you can't....


Actual Protip: Don't Do This Terry Goodkind demonstrates what not to do.
J.A.Q.ing Off in the Comments (Social Justice Bard) But I'm just asking questions.
Writing About Writing Needs Your Help We could use your help.


Duck Shaped Bigotry Something about ducks and water and....bigots.
15(?) Things Dungeons and Dragons Taught Me About How to Write (Part 1) And not just what the word proficiency means.
Why are Movie Adaptations so Iffy (Mailbox) Book nerds are seldom happy.


A Baker's Dozen Random Bits of Writing Advice I Wish Someone Had told ME (And two that someone did) Sometimes the advice doesn't fit neatly into a single topic.
Writing About Writing Staff Meeting Oh those wacky guys.
Writing Prompt: Short Term Goals Where do you want to be this time next year?


Words Fucking Matter Calling immigrants "animals" has a long and sordid history.
Fortune Cookie XV Bite sized nuggets of something kind of like wisdom.
Can You get up One More Time (Success in the World of Art) Resilience trumps talent every time.


Inspiration: The Little Things (Also Some Little Things) Have you heard the news?
Leela Bruce fights ALL the Dialogue Attribution Advice A Yojimbo style tale of two warring factions.
Twenty Questions (Personal/Meta) Did you just ask me if I got involved with my fans?


That Moment We Knew Was Coming I blew up at 5 weeks into summer school. Right on schedule.
We Regret to Inform You Appeals posts shouldn't be this popular, but.....
Twenty Questions (Publishing/Blogging/FB and Social Media) What the hell was I thinking? This post is almost 20 full mailboxes.


Won't Someone Think of the Straight White Males? (Mailbox)
10 Addendums to Write Every Day (The Article Some of You Have Been Waiting Your Whole Lives For)

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