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Monday, November 19, 2018

Overly Sentimental Gratitude Post or Some Shit

Today Patreon is doing a #Thankyouinthefacepatrons thing. You know, where all the creators join hands and sing "Your financial support rocks beyond the telling of it" to the tune of Kumbaya that is in no way a promotional gimmick that gives Patreon loads of visibility and probably more income during a tough time of the year.

It's not usually my thing to get in on corporate promotion shit like this, but in this case, I have to concur. You all are so awesome I need a thesaurus just so I can come up with even more fandamnfucktacular words to describe the scope of the awesome. So let's go ahead and turn this into a moment so sentimental it borders on maudlin.

*cue the choir of orphans crying because of how grateful they are*

But seriously fucking thank you, okay? I'm totes grateful and shit. Load me up with patchouli essential oil and let me be mindful within my spirit cave of gratitude because you all––YOU ALL have made it possible for me to be a writer. Like a pay-the-bills, go-ahead-and-buy-that-game-from-Steam-even-though-it-won't-be-on-sale-for-another-year, I-might-get-to-do-two-vacations-in-as-many-years writer. These days I can even turn down pet sitting gigs 90 minutes of shittacular traffic away from where I watch The Contrarian.

All because of my patrons.

I have a lot to be thankful for. Even in a world of rising fascism and terrifying climate change, I can find some gratitude deep down in the couch cushions. From finding a side gig that lets me write instead of driving for Lyft 20 hours a week to wonderfully supportive uberpeeps like Cap. My life kind of fell apart a couple of years ago, and it still looks a little like a Jenga tower ten minutes into the game, but I'm grateful that it's starting to come together. I am grateful that I'm only dealing with a couple of annoying weeks of smoke from a California wildfire, and not the life-upending tragedy that thousands of others are now dealing with. I'm grateful that when I get a kidney stone, I can go to the hospital and not have to put up a Gofundme. I'm grateful that I'm able to afford therapy (every other week and sliding scale, but still...) I'm grateful that I'm probably going to be able to afford dental work soon.

But mostly I'm grateful for my patrons. Because most of that shit wouldn't be true if it weren't for them.

November is always a little rough. People cancel or lower their contributions, probably because finances get a little tight this time of year. And I always end up losing a fair chunk more support than I pick up and having to do the holidays on a shoestring budget. Then there are other folks who ask me about my Amazon wishlist and want to get me gifts. (Rest assured that the best gift you could get me is to become a Patreon and a close second would be a one-time donation.) So I've totally ended up eating LOTS of pasta with butter while playing Final Fantasy XV on my roommate's PS4.

But this year we're hanging on. By a thread, but technically still in the positive.

And if next year I'm able to absorb the rising cost of healthcare and go see a dentist, it'll be because my Patreons made it possible. So thank you all....for real.

So much.

So fucking much.

In particular I want to thank my Patron Muses: Julia, Margaret, John
, Pol
, Ginger, Kelly
, Alisha, Hélène, Amy, TM Caldwell, Alex, another––more different––Alex and two Anonymouses. 

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