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Friday, November 2, 2018

Poll Results! Best Classic YA Book (or series) Not by a Cis Het White Man

What is the BEST young adult book (or series) written by a woman or POC or member of the LGBTQIA+ community before 2000?  

The results are in. From your nominations to your votes. Here are our results. Remember that this is from our year of diverse polls, so follow this link if you're wondering about the limitations of the poll.

It breaks my heart to see Harry Potter beat out The House on Mango Street, but I knew it was going to happen from the moment they both got their nomination.
Text results below.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated. Get ready to fire up the nominations for our next poll on Monday. (No promises, but you might consider urban fantasy.)

Harry Potter (The 3 pre-1999)- J.K. Rowling 105 36.46%
Time Quintet (Wrinkle in Time) M.L'Engle 48 16.67%
Earthsea Trilogy - U. Le Guin 41 14.24%
The Immortals Series - T. Pierce 32 11.11%
The Enchanted Forest Chronicles - P.C. Wrede 24 8.33%
The House on Mango Street- S. Cisneros 13 4.51%
The Rowan (The Tower and the Hive series) - A. McCaffrey 9 3.13%
Nightworld - L.J. Smith 8 2.78%
Everworld (The First Five Books) - K. A. Applegate 8 2.78%


  1. I'm sorry that Potter winning breaks your heart. I'm sad to hear that. But I stand by that nomination. The influence of Potter cannot be ignored. I'm old (60 in January) but I work with Grad Students in their 20s. Potter references are immediately recognized and appreciated. At least 2 generations KNOW Potter and the rest know about it (it's the Star Trek of the 2000's).

    1. I'm less upset with Potter winning IN GENERAL and more with Potter beating out Cisneros. *wistful sigh*