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Thursday, July 11, 2019

June's Best 2019

Reminder: I know I'm being a little extra with the "jazz hands" type posts these last ten days or so. I had some company, a profusion of side giggery, I have a new nanny schedule coming up (and this might be my last chance for a slow period for a couple of months). We're going to hit the ground running HARD on Monday.  

June is a fading memory, and these are the articles that will go on to fame and glory in our Best of W.A.W. archives.

What We Fight For (I Am the Night)

I try to glean (though most days it's more like "shoehorn") some kind of writing lesson out of my monthly Vampire game.

9 Things Dungeons and Dragons Taught Me About How to Write (Part 2) 

Being a Dungeon Master or a player doesn't matter when you're wresting writing lessons from storytelling nerdery.

Announcement: Speaking Engagement

A lot of mid-June's bandwidth got taken up by a speaking engagement that I did at Dominican University. For some reason, the announcement that it was happening was quite popular.

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