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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Best Contemporary Fantasy (Last Chance to Nominate or Second)

What is the best Fantasy (book or series) written in 2009 or later?  

I've already told my Patrons this, but my nanny job is kicking my ass to the curb this week. My clients include one who is immunocompromised, so they are wary of using any nanny who can't basically limit all possible exposure except to them. Which is usually only mostly overwhelming to my writing time, but during weeks where they have to do payroll, my hours crawl up to the point that blogging becomes impossible. 

So for today, instead of a regular post, I'm going to give you ONE LAST CHANCE to make this poll a good one.

We now have enough books to run a poll for contemporary fantasy, but it will be a more interesting poll if we get more. If you want to see something get on this poll, the time is now to pop over to the original page (very important) and drop your nomination. You can also find the rules there and any answers to questions about genre, publication date limitations, or what to do if you are having trouble leaving a comment in Blogger for whatever reason––plus how to bring attention to a great book that you think should be recognized, but maybe isn't the "best."

Remember, go to the original page or the nomination will NOT be considered. Not a comment here. Not FB. Not G+. Not Tumblr. A comment on the original page.

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