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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The Poll is Dead. Long Live The Poll (Best Contemporary Fantasy)

It's not just a reminder to vote. We have a big change that has to happen right now. 

First of all, thank you for your patience last week. I've mentioned before that I'm nanny to two kids (who if you've been following closely, you know mean more to me than just those words) and my job might jump up and bite me. Well last week, after a couple of days of ranting on my Facebook page (where you're always welcome to follow me),  and right when I was thinking "Okay, Chris. Time to suck up that wandering muse and write some blog posts," The ol' Job Two™ did the mid-speech Deep Blue Sea Samuel Jackson move. I ended up working turn and burns (early one morning after late the next), split shifts, and even some weekend hours. It was all kinds of busy. I didn't really even recover until yesterday.

But we have a VERY unusual set of circumstances today. This is NOT just your ordinary reminder to vote. A great change is coming. In addition to a whole new poll program, we are going to be transferring our results from one poll to the next.

We blew up the free service. Polldaddy used to be perfect for our needs and then they got bought out and taken over by Crowd Signal, which offers a free version, but really wants you to upgrade. (And the upgrade isn't cheap.) The free version was great as long as we never got more than 2500 votes.

Guess what just happened.

So yes, come and vote. But also I'm posting results of our Crowd Signal overload. I WILL BE ADDING THESE RESULTS TO THE NEW POLL RESULTS. (I know that means you all will vote again, but that was always going on on the downlow.) I also apologize. I meant to do this last week when the current poll stopped recording results but......Deep Blue Sea Workshark. 

This new program I found that does roughly the same thing but I'm having some trouble with it, so please help me if you run into an issue. 

What is the best fantasy book (or series) written 2011 or later?

Current results to be added to Poll Creator:

Text results below.

The Innkeeper Chronicles Series - I. Andrews 1,475 54.77%
Discovery of Witches Trilogy - D. Harkness 550 20.42%
Ghost Story - Peace Talks - J. Butcher 338 12.55%
The Stormlight Archive - B. Sanderson 158 5.87%
Broken Earth Trilogy - N.K. Jemisin 92 3.42%
First Law - J. Abercrombie 21 0.78%
Inheritance Trilogy - N.K. Jemisin 20 0.74%
Middlegame - S. McGuire 15 0.56%
Circe - M. Miller 14 0.52%
Riyira Revelations - M. J. Sullivan 10 0.37%

There will only be ONE vote on this one. Use them....wisely.

The new poll is on the bottom left of the side menus, below the "About the Author." If you are on mobile you can pick "webpage view" and scroll down. Otherwise (or if you're having other trouble finding it), just use this link: https://linkto.run/p/GUDJIQEX

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