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Monday, August 24, 2020

A Week Away From WAW

This is my big announcement face. 
It's for big announcements. 

Usually when I'm working 25+ hours on my other job, I take Mondays as an extra day off, but I'm posting today because I have what is, for me, a reasonably large announcement.  

I'm putting Writing About Writing on the shelf for one week. Specifically, this is the last post you'll see until Tuesday Sept 1st, at which time you are likely to get the absolutely last call to vote in our Best Contemporary Fantasy Poll. I will still update the Writing About Writing Facebook Page with memes and puns and shenanigans. 

What's going on? A few things. Mostly involving writing, but the need to do some of that writing away from WAW. In the past, I could just do both, but with the pandemic on and me getting two to three times more hours nannying than is conducive to full time writing, I've got to set aside one type of writing for a while if I want to do another.

1- I will be back. This isn't one of those hiatuses that a blogger never returns from. I just need a week while I do other shit. 

2- There was never going to be a Friday post anyway. It's time for me to write an Inside Scoop newsletter for my Patrons. Those are three pages and they have to cannibalize a full post. 

3- This is the last week I'm going to try to expend my social capital to try convince folks HOW to vote and I'm going to do it in a couple of NOT Writing About Writing posts. That means WAW has to take a break since I'm currently Job 2ing too much to do both. 

If you're on my Facebook page, it also means that you will see a few extra reruns for the next week. I don't promote NWAW posts on that page (other than occasionally pointing out that the entire blog exists) because it's NOT about writing.

After this, if I run into people who declare that they will cede their power, I'll be working around them. Whether I find their reasoning valid is growing more and more immaterial and the struggle is less useful than energy put in other directions. I'm going to start focusing on getting folks registered, getting out the vote, and helping folks navigate the tremendous amounts of confusion being stirred up (quite intentionally) around mail-in-voting. 

4- Due to some strange circumstances, I need to do ALL my shopping for the next couple of weeks in the NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS. It's got to last. Which means I'm hitting a different store each day and stocking up, and that is coming right out of my writing time.

5- Payroll is coming up and as much as I've tried to write smoothly through my clients' schedules, I can't. The inevitable pair or trio of eight-hour days kicks my ass.

6- When I get back, I'll be putting up FB gems from the bottom of August and resolving our poll, but then I will immediately taking the FRIDAY off for Labor Day. (I usually either don't take a special day off because I have ALL Mondays off, or I take the Tuesday off.) But this time around I'll do Friday from the other end and hit the ground running on Tuesday.

7- I'm in a very safe place from the California wildfires and I can run my air purifier to help with the smoke that gets into the air of my apartment, but there are other things kind of GETTING to me. I can't even go out for a walk right now, and for a couple of hours every day, the inability to open the windows means my apartment gets pretty warm and I just want to crawl down on the floor and not move. It's messing with me. I might drop the ball. 

8- I really need to write a post at the not absolute last minute because my Early Access tier on Patreon has been infinitely patient with me during this pandemic. 

So....I will see you in a week from tomorrow if you only follow this blog. However, if you follow everywhere I write, you might just think, "He sure is writing a lot about politics lately."


  1. Take care of yourself. I will certainly miss your posts but your health and wellness come first. and yes, I will be writing. (also i am SUPER digging the beard just sayin'.)

  2. I understand & support you in this! Take care of first things first and listen to the Muse. I’ll be happy to read/hear you when you return.💋

  3. You're a badass, Chris! I salute you and your efforts to save the republic from the fascist hoardes. Best of luck with the smoke and the heat, too, seeing as it's not any less miserable for being familiar at this point. 🙄

    1. Drat, I did not mean to hide behind an Unknown username, I just fail at technology. My bad. You rock. - Sofia Jamall

  4. I understand. Let's talk about those knights when you get back. Stay safe.

  5. Take care and stay safe. You are one of the rare gems that make Facebook worthwhile.