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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Sometimes the Bar Eats You (Personal/Meta)

Somewhere around here there is a posting schedule where I warn everyone about days like this.

This is our air quality right now. And that's accounting for how it gets a little better after dark. Ironically, the reason we were getting a blood-red apocalypse sky yesterday was because of a cool marine layer keeping all the crap way above us where it could blot out the sun. Now it's all down here with us on the ground. 

I did eight hours today at my other job. I often stay over and tag in with the baby as soon as he wakes up, which is sometime between 5am and 7am. Usually I'm tagged out by 10 to nap so that I can do an afternoon shift. There was a miscommunication. I wasn't going to be able to do the afternoon shift because of appointments. I thought it just meant a short day. Instead, I went straight through to the eight hour mark. 

AND THEN I bounced out the door to not one, but two adulting appointments. Since I have to go into quarantine for my clients' sake before I go back to work every time I have a dental or doctor's appointment, I decided to double dip so that I wouldn't have to take any more time off. So after waking up at six, and eight hours of work, I went to back-to-back dentist/doctor appointments. All while dealing with air quality roughly akin to not moving when you're standing in the campfire plume. 

However, this is the beginning of quarantinication! I have a week off! I'll post something on Monday next week to make up for this bullshit (even though I usually don't), but this is one of the days I warn everyone about. When I'm sitting in my apartment with the air purifier turned up to eleven (and haven't been running around in visibly shitty air for thirteen hours) I'll get a lot more work done.

And if you need your moment of writerly zen, it's this: can't win em all. Some days you have to look at the clock after a longer shift than you thought at your second job, and two appointments and a nap that you WOKE UP FROM after 8pm, and just say "It's not happening today." 

(I mean.....except for THIS.)

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