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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Send Me Your Questions (Possibly AGAIN)

Hi Everyone,

I'm headed out to gaze adoringly at water and hump a tree or something in honor of the equinox, but I thought I would put out the call for questions. That's right I need YOUR questions for my Mailbox segment. And here's the really good news for most of you: now is your chance to get some of those old questions answered that I never got to. You see one of the things I definitely DID lose when my computer died was my giant list of all the questions people had sent me. It was up around 100 questions and there was quite the queue. All gone. So tragic. They look like big, strong hands, don't they?

Questions are a great way for me to come up with article topics while I'm waiting on my new computer to ship (some of those ideas and starting articles are technically in the cloud, but I lost a lot). They kind of jump start the whole process of picking a topic and introducing it. But this text file I had was just a big list of questions, some going back years.

So now is your chance!

If I ever missed a question or said I'd get to it and then it seemed like I forgot. Or if years went by and you're pretty sure I forgot, now is your chance. I'm going to be running more than one question a week for a while, so I need LOTS! 

It's tabula rasa. Now's your chance to get yourself at the front of the queue and see your question answered in days or weeks instead of maybe months or years.

Of course, I get a lot of repeats, so unless there's a fresh angle, I usually don't answer those. It might be worth checking to see if I've covered it already. And the super repeaters end up in my F.A.Q.

Send them to chris.brecheen@gmail.com and make the heading "WAW MAILBOX" (that's not arbitrary; it's so I can do a search for them and find them all at once). It's particularly important for folks on my Facebook page to not drop a question in the comments and expect me to see it. PLEASE send an email. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a hot date with an oak and some splishy splashy.

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  1. Happy Fall Equinox! Wonderful images you included! I put my tent outside in the yard and sleep there on the Solstices and Equinoxes.