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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

That Which Will Never Come Again

Folks, the creative team here at Writing About Writing is not just me. I have an editor who, by their own request, works deeply behind the scenes and away from the spotlight, but they consistently help me spin my straw writing into gold. 

Avoiding as many details that are not mine to tell as possible, last night they lost someone very close to them suddenly and unexpectedly. 

I will be back to writing soon. My own grief is secondhand and empathetic. I never knew the person. I only knew how much they were loved and oft the subject of conversation. Mostly my heart breaks for my friend and teammate who now faces the unimaginable. 

I'm going to pause my Facebook Compilations for a time, as my Facebook thoughts are often "from the hip," and those require heavy editing. Which means that I'll be taking Wednesdays off. (I should have been taking them off all along, but I'm so behind on those posts that I was making an exception.) I have a guest post for Thursday. That should be enough for me. Friday's fare will depend on how the week goes. (I have a plan, but I also tend to face emotional challenges by thinking I'm fine and discovering I'm not only when I have total executive dysfunction.) By next week I'll be back full force. 

However, I'll be back alone, and I don't know for how long. If some commas go wayward or some sentences seem unusually clunky, that's because they are.  I'm down half a team and writing with a proverbial hand tied behind my back. 

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