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Monday, March 29, 2021

Admin (TWO DAYS)

For folks following close, I'm going to be taking two days off of regular posting for admin work. 

I always take off one Monday a month to catch up on emails and write a newsletter for Patrons (this month it's the Inside Scoop). Since I'm out of Mondays in March, I guess it needs to be today. But also the Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine kicked my ASS (which is, I am to understand, kind of typical for folks who've had Covid…which I did). 

Folks at the Inside Scoop tier can expect that probably Wednesday or Thursday and I'll be back on schedule with posting on Wednesday as well. 

My writing hours won't suddenly become full-time on May 1st, but you should see them start to improve by then. 

Five more weeks!

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