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Monday, July 26, 2021

Interview Goes Live (Off The Record)

Last week, I spent multiple days working on an interview/questionnaire that went live this weekend, and so now I'm sharing it with you. Apologies that it cannibalized so many posts last week, but I think you'll find that it's about the same as three or four hefty mailboxes, so I hope it was worth the wait.

With over 1 million followers on Facebook, first off how does it feel to have such a visible metric of your progress and success? Is it everything you’d thought it would be? And what are some pros and cons to having such a massive audience?

What are some of your most and least successful pieces of content on your site, and does their success or lack thereof surprise you?

Speaking of which, do you have any tips, tricks or advice for someone who wishes to run a successful site like you do? And speaking more broadly for a moment, do you have any pearls of wisdom you want to share with your fellow writers? (again feel free to drop links to your site)?

What do you think about social media and its increasing saturation and integration with modern writing?

And many more….

For now, Tom Neil and Off The Record should get the traffic for hosting the interview, so you'll have to follow the link and read it over there: 

My Interview

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