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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Last Call: Best Stand Alone Classic Fantasy Book (Book Rec)

What is the best stand-alone Classic Fantasy Book published before 1980?

Writing About Writing's Facebook page is just going to get the rerun a couple more times, but for those of you following us in another way, I wanted to clue you in to the fact that we're almost done with this book recommendation list and going to compile it for our Master List of Book Recommendations

That's going to happen on Thursday—even though I don't usually post on Thursday. 

So this is your last chance to recommend some good fantasy books that stand alone and were published before 1980. I want to remind everyone that this is STAND-ALONE books. A whole lot of you offered up recommendations for books that were parts of series or definitely had sequels. Clearly I will have to do a "books that COULD stand alone even though they didn't" poll like I did with science fiction. However, for now I'll be gently removing those books from consideration. 

Remember to go to the ORIGINAL PAGE to drop your recommendation (and freshen up on the rules if you need to). Recommendations left on this post or on the social media sites where I promote the blog won't be tallied.

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