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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Potpourri Links


The best of writey/ arty/ linguisticy/ grammary/ inspirationally/ motivationaly/ creativity...y things found elsenet.   

[I will attribute with a link if I have used one of several good comics (in a sort of "go here to see more of this great stuff" way) but if this is unacceptable to the creator, please let me know at the email below and I will remove it.  Many images are viral memes (on Facebook or G+) and lack legible copyright information (or any copyright information at all).   I may also have inadvertently shared an image from a third party that was less discriminating about where they got it. I honestly do try in good faith not to make money off the creative efforts of others.  If I have used your image in an unacceptable way, contact me at chris.brecheen@gmail.com and let me know what you'd like me to do: remove the image, attribute it, give you a shout out with a linkback, anything*. If I can't comply, I will simply remove the image immediately.]

Feb 1, 2015- A Superb Owl Potpouri
April 21, 2014- One Amazing Potpourri of Images (and a really neat video about learning)
Feb 2, 2013- Holy (Pope) balls!  Fucking funny videos. Links to awesome shit.  And bitchen comics.
Feb 9, 2013- A potpourri to inspire you.  Images, videos, and peeps of totally inspirationaly inspiration.
April 21, 2012- A Joss Whedon themed potpourri.
May 5th- A linguistic themed potpourri.
May 12th- A grammar themed potpourri with LOTS of comics
May 26th- No bells and whistles on this potpourri done in a hotel room.
June 10th- In honor of Ray Bradbury's life and career, a Bradbury themed potpourri.
June 17th- Ten Classic SF books that were originally failures. What's next for self-publishing?
June 30th- Since I'm in Texas with my mom, I did a Texas and mom themed potpourri.
July 8th- A Ted that talks bout risk and connection.  Grammar rules you can ignore.  And more.
July 14th- Image Bonanza
July 21st- A tech themed potpourri.
July 28th- Politics and Writing.
Grammar Memes- Potpourri on a Sunday?  What kind of fuckery is this?
August 4th- A laughter themed potpourri.  We have ways of making you laugh...
August 11th- Creativity Themed Potpourri.
August 18th-Shameless fundraising. Two great articles about the Chick Fil A kerfuffle. And lots more.
August 26th- Plans for Burning Man.  One sentence stories, and why not to go to grad school.
Oct 3rd- Meme's collected off of Facebook.  Lots of funny to be had here.

*(Please provide a URL to the original site and/or image--some people pretend to be artists just to mess with me or take credit for something THEY stole.) 

[I am currently in the process of canibalizing old potpourris to form new ones.  Many of my copyright indiscretions in old entries were back when this blog was getting less than 100 page views a day, but it is absolutely improper for me to make money off the work and creative efforts of others, so I am in the process of removing those images.  If I missed one, please let me know at the email above and I will remove it.]

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