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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Not Quite As Good as "The Best of the Mailbox" Mailbox

Not every Mailbox can be the best. Or "the best" just wouldn't really mean anything. Some just aren't quite awesome enough to make the cut.  These aren't necessarily bad or boring--they just didn't quite make it.

Sad and forgotten, they sit down in the Writing About Writing basement hoping that they will somehow go viral and get moved one day into The Best of the Mailbox. Each is a tragic personal story of what could have been if they had just tried a little harder, been a little better, not gone up "on Good Friday" or "been posted so late in the day." Of course all of them wish they could have just been hate mail, and then they would be wildly popular.

1/3/13: Poll Results/Plot Arc
1/10/13: Generating Traffic/Logistics
2/7/13: Grammar Errors (F.A.Q.)
2/14/13: Harry Potter Hatred
6/29/13- Grammar
8/10/13- I'm addicted to Writing!
9/13/13- Why do I write in fits and starts?
9/27/13- What do I write when I have nothing to write?
11/8/13- NaNoWriMo (again) and a pleasant surprise.
12/13/13- The "other" questions--when I run out of good ones.
1/24/14- What genre should I write in?
2/10/14- A trio of silly questions.
3/7/14- Let writing terrify you.
3/28/14- Grab bag. (Have my students found me? Good starting goals.)
4/25/14- Why Don't Writers Write?
5/23/14- Copyright and editing
6/6/14- Cedric Answers a Couple
6/21/14- On NOT writing and intelligent characters.
7/25/14- Traditional Publishing Questions
9/5/14- Traditional Publishing and Kipling a Racist?
9/19/14- How can superhero stories be "personal updates"?
10/17/14- Is there such a thing as talent?
11/3/14- Writing Angry and Capes
11/12/14- What Branches Should I Explore?
12/8/14- Santa wants to know what to get me.
12/23/14- A Christmas Story
1/13/15- When to Revise? Revision feels like not writing.
1/26/15- Data loss.
2/9/15- Quickies
3/2/15- Different Kinds of Writing'
3/30/15- Suit Up and Show Up
7/27/15- Small Schedule Change Big Big Deal
3/23/16- Is my friend a writer?
7/27/16- Do Authors need expensive cover art?
8/27/17- Groupie threesomes and problematica?
3/2/18- Questions From and About Facebook
4/26/18- How to grow your Facebook page
5/3/18- How to get my book published
9/19/19- Keep going or start over?

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