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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A/V Media....as a writer (Movies and TV shows and stuff)

Writing and A/V media are not exactly the same, and sometimes writers get caught up in a bit too much TV and movies, but there are also a lot of lessons that writers can learn from a good study of writing.

Watching Disney Movies As A Writer
The "As A Writer" View of Inception
8 Things Prometheus Can Teach You About How Not to Write
Literary Review of Skyrim- Part 1, Part 2
25 Words of Wisdom From Fight Club To Writers  Part 1  Part 2
A Lit Major Watches Pacific Rim
Bioshock Infinite as Real Art: Your Argument is Invalid
Is Dead Poets Society a Shitty Movie or What?
On Sister Act II and How to Know if you Should be a Writer
Logan: Why Character Matters
Thor Ragnarok: The Return of a "Dark" History
Infinity War

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