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Friday, October 23, 2015

Tenacity (Vlog)


  1. Great VLOG! I love getting to see you speak and this was a very important message!

  2. Preach it, brother! Also, what Julienne what!

    Some days, writing is SO HARD. Not in that "oh, it's SO HARD to get over to the mall because the bus only runs every hour and not at all on Sunday" kind of hard, but that "my soul is being crushed and my heart is made of pain" kind of hard. And I still try to get SOMETHING written. Not limericks, though. Usually, it's a stream of swear words; sometimes, it's writing "just keep breathing" five hundred times on the metaphorical chalkboard. Some days I fail. Most days I don't. Is most of it crap? Eh, probably. But some of it isn't, and those days are really good days.

    Your tenacity... that's why I'm here. :-)