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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Quick State of the Blog

W.A.W. has plateaued at about 45-55 page views per day.

That means that just about every person I count as friend, who isn't absolutely bored by the idea of writing, is currently reading. So...thank you and cheers! I reiterate my strong encouragement that if you know anyone else who might like W.A.W., please point them my way. Of course, even that number is only once I account for the weird sites that send me traffic like online pharmacies and what I can only assume is spam designed to get people like me to click on the link BACK to their site. (I say something like "Why is there a link to W.A.W. from this weird URL." Then I click to see what the URL is. And then my anti-virus does something not entirely unlike the quarantine procedures from Monsters Inc.)

I hope the readership goes up, but I know it's not the kind of blog with mass appeal. There are probably a few things I can do to generate traffic, but I wouldn't want to do them before I was cruising at 50,000 ft. anyway, and right now it seems like I'm still getting the "ground floor" set up. Getting a million readers now might be sort of like walking into a big crowded gala with my fly down.

I might need to restructure things (again). So everyone get your Dilbert REORG hats out!

Here's the skinny. After those first few weeks where I kind of felt like I was passing a kidney stone every time I put a post up, I noticed that most blogs have much shorter entries. I mentioned shorter entries, and more than a couple of people said, "Yes plx kthxbai." (Which is valuable input, and thanks for not just kicking The Blog's vociferous butt to the curb.) I don't want to post as much, and I'm sure you don't want to read an opus a day.

I'm trying to pare down the entry length to something bite sized, and it'll probably shrink even more than it has this last week as I find the sweet spot, but this means when I have ten or fifteen pages worth of thoughts rattling around like "What We Talk About When We Talk About Writing" it's going to end up getting spread out over weeks. I'm already down to a two page max, and that seems like it's still a little un-bite-size-y. I'm not going to apologize too much for having writing in a blog about writing, but I feel like a page and a half might be a better fit.

That probably means I'm going to tweak the schedule a little. The idea posting nothing but one article for two or three weeks because I'm only posting it a page or two at a time, gives me hives. What if you don't LIKE that post. Maybe you'll get bored and start seeing other blogs. Maybe there will be dinner with the other blogs. Maybe you'll reach across the table, and say "I've never felt this way about a blog before." And then I'm going to have to go crazy and boil rabbits, and it's all bad. So be ready to see the schedule change a bit next week. I'll probably still do "meaty" writing on M/W/F. I just might run my series posts on a specific day.

Potpourri should be up in a half hour or so.

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