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Monday, March 19, 2012

Blogging About Blogging

I don't have a lot of knowledge about blogging.  I can't tell you the HTML code for widgets that will raise your SEO's or what tricks you can find on the internet really work for getting more hits.  I am not up on how to trick Google's latest search algorithms or the latest psychological theories on exactly how long a blog post should be in today's short-attention-span world.   So I'm not going to give you that "How To" crap.  This is more of a collection insights of  I'm picking up along the way that I'm willing to share.

What I can say is that I write this blog for all the same reasons that I write most anything, and I reject many of the same "cheap tricks" of the business of writing when they are translated into the business of blogging.  So while I've read more than a handful of "How to get more traffic on your blog" page, and I probably don't have anything to add to what's out there, what I might be able to do is help you consider "...but do I really want to DO that stuff?"

Writing is hard enough without getting sucked into the bullshit that surrounds the craft that ISN'T writing, so finding the way to strike that balance, do it well, and not lose yourself along the way can be tricky on the best of days.  Blogging will not free you from that bullshit.

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