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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Silly Fun

I'm willing to stretch the connective tissue of what constitutes writing "about writing" pretty damn far when there's a cheap laugh to be had.

Cause I love cheap laughs.  

So sit back, relax, enjoy the giggles in the links below, and try not think TOO much about how little this actually has to do with writing.  I'll try to dance on the connective tissue while doing jazz hands in a sparkling leotard so that we can all pretend the pretense is totally there.

Rationalization HO!!!!

The Horror Trope that Nearly Killed Me                               Playful Perky Pi Period Pi Pun Pictures
Star Trek: TNG Satire (Tropefic)                                         Sonnet 23--My Forbidden Love
Shakespearian Humor: Why Character IS Plot                     Searches that have led to W.A.W.
Giving a Big Hand for Adam Licsko's Latest Project           Jokes About Writers and Writing
Hitler Doesn't WANT to Write Every Day!
Misunderstood Shark is Misunderstood
Disneyland: A Reading Photolog

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