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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Low Key

Don't worry that's "low key" not Loki the god of mischief (who is, ironically, a bit high strung).  Tom Hiddleston hasn't returned any of my calls to do a guest spot here on Writing About Writing. 

Technically, the Writing About Writing staff is on vacation.  After losing a colleague and then stopping an inter-dimensional invasion of genocidal cephalopods, I figured they could use a couple of days to watch Die Hard (the best Christmas movie EVAH).  I'm a big ol' softie like that.  They'll be joining me on January 2nd to officially kick off our second season.  

In the meantime I'll still be puttering around, trying to catch up on old tagging before we really get into it again, setting up a couple of new segments, thanking those who have donated, answering some short questions for The Mailbox tomorrow, cleaning up The Reliquary, and getting the Greatest Hits fixed up for the new year.  I may even try to sneak in one of my more experimental fiction pieces from my college days (while no one is looking).  I'm taking it easy, don't worry.  It's more Christmas candy and Netflix than actual work, but there are a few things to take care of.

So if you're on an RSS or e-mail feed or subscribed through Google you might notice a high noise to signal ratio this next week as I futz with everything.  We'll be back to regularly scheduled articles and shenanigans on January 2nd.

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