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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Money $tuff

So, I actually got paid.  This is everything I've made since the blog started in February.

Here is my check from Google, or at least the part that is important to this entry.

And here is a screenshot of my PayPal total from "Tip Jar" donations (which I will now empty into my checking account).

The total is $135.58.

And by the rules of my financial pledge, that means I get to spend about $65 dollars on hookers and blow.  So that's like....thirty seconds of a hooker and half a line of blow.  I think.  I've never really done either.  I'm new at this life of fabulous wealth and opulence.

$13.50 goes to the blog.  Since $13.50 won't buy much of anything in the way of blogish improvements, this will go into a piggy bank for now.  (Actual piggy bank to be acquired soon for maximum shits and giggles.)  This money, when it accumulates sufficiently, will go towards improvements in the blog itself.  (Design help with the layout.  Possibly a copy editor for some major articles if I ever make a sustained income.  A copy editor in general if I really make enough.  I may try to move to Wordpress far out into the future if things go well.)  It might be cool to have some drop down menus and awesome HTML up in this shit and not just whatever I can jury rig by banging a couple of coconuts together.  But I promise, I won't just blow it on a movie....even if I try to call it "for the blog" by doing a review of the movie.  It will go toward actual improvements.

That's also $13.50 to Share Literacy--the local children's literacy charity that I picked.  Here is a screenshot of my receipt from them.

The 30% remaining goes into the bank to cover taxes when they come since I don't have an employer deducting for me.

I want to thank everyone who turned off their ad-block for Writing About Writing (especially those who may have then seen an ad for something that interested them) and those who donated money to The Tip Jar.  I will continue to make this blog's finances as transparent as I am able and uphold my financial pledge to reinvest 10% and give 10% to a children's literacy charity in my community.

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