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Friday, December 28, 2012

Much (and/or Many) Thanks to 2012's Donors

Though there are still a few days left in 2012, Writing About Writing is soon to completely shut down until January 2nd.  Even I am going to take a few days completely off, and not just low key.  Unsupportive Girlfriend has insisted at knife-point (well technically a butcher knife, but you get the idea) that I am to join her in one of Southern California's legendary "No Wifi" zones for Mexican food and nephew doting.  I will be turning off the lights and leaving the building tomorrow afternoon and I won't be back until Wednesday.  I have a couple of things set to auto-post, but they are almost things I'd rather be seen by as few people as possible.  Evil Chris is down in the basement somewhere, of course, but I can't imagine he'd have any reason to poke his head up.  He seems to only like hacking the signal when he can interrupt my posts--especially every time I try to do my promised write up of Fahrenheit 451.

However, I do want to thank my patrons for 2012.  These are people who donated to Writing About Writing through the Tip Jar.  It's a modest list this year, but each and every one of them is greatly appreciated and all of them made me feel like John Fucking Grisham for a day or two.  Thank you all!

I will use only first names to protect everyone's privacy.  However, if you WANT to be acknowledged fully (or wish to be completely anonymous), just send me an e-mail through the same address the paypal donation came through, and I will redact or amend as requested.  (Yes, Janus, even if you want your middle name to be "hung like an ox".)

Hunky Dory Peeps (No donation, but took the time to send me some kind words of encouragement--which is always appreciated.)


Keen Peeps  (Up to $5 Donation)


Swell Peeps ($6-$10 Donation)


Cool Peeps ($11-$15 Donation)


Thank you all so much!  The future of Writing About Writing is uncertain.  Will it become something I can do for a living and give even more time and effort?  Will it be a viable side job? Or will it need to be relegated to a hobby while I find a "real job"?  Each of you has given me the hope to keep trying even though the ads are still only bringing in a few cents a day.  Thank you all so much!!!!

(And I'm still in town for the next 24 hours or so.  Plenty of time to add a couple more names to the list...)


  1. You need a real patron. Like a Viscount named Rowel.

    1. Even if he insisted on singing me Little Lottie and spelled his name with a U, I'd be cool with that.