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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Last Call for Nominations

What is the best (non sci-fi/non fantasy/non horror) speculative fiction?  

Please take advantage of the last few days to nominate titles for our poll, and second a few of the titles others have nominated to determine what will go on to our poll.

We're getting pretty far into November, so I really want to get the November poll up.  Please take this last opportunity to put up your nominations.  Also don't forget that pretty much no nomination will be making it onto the poll without at least one or two "seconds."  So take a look at some of the titles others have offered up and see what you might agree could belong on our poll.

However if you do write a nomination please, please, please go to the original page so that when I make tally up the "seconds" to see what's going to the poll, everything is on the same page.

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