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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Poll Results: Best Horror

Poll Results for the BEST Horror Novel!
Try to contain your shock.
Congratulations to Stephen King and his absolute masterpiece IT for blowing this poll completely out of the water.

Not a lot of surprises after the first week, unfortunately.  The spreads just kept getting larger and larger and the tight races stayed tight. I would have liked to have seen the tie for last place (~sigh~) get broken, but it seemed it was not to be. 

Do remember, however, that just making it onto this poll took several nominations.  (Check the comments section on the original page to see how fierce the nomination process got.) Even Song of Kali and Tommyknockers are pretty fly.

I'm really excited about how these polls are growing.  159 votes at two votes a piece means there were at least 80 people participating.  Remember when my polls could barely scrounge up 20?  We'll go back one of these days and redo some of them to see how the answers change with lots more people participating.

It by King
Dracula by Stoker
Frankenstein by Shelly
The Haunting of Hill House by Jackson
House of Leaves by Danielewski
Pet Sematary by King
The Tommyknockers by King
The Song of Kali by Simmons

I'm not surprised by these results, but I wonder how many people have actually read Stoker's Dracula (it's kind of dry and boring unless you're really into Victorian Lit or Vampire lore), as opposed to seeing the movie or just knowing that it's a foundational classic.  Also, I sort of wish it wasn't the Stephen King show (even though I knew it would be).

But I discovered two new books (Song of Kali and House of Leaves) so from that vantage, the poll was a huge success.  

Please don't forget to go write in nominations for November's poll (or second some of the existing nominations) for the best speculative fiction that is not SciFi, Fantasy, or Horror.  That poll will be going up in a couple of days.  (If you have a nomination, please write it in the comments on THAT page, so people can find it to second it.)  I hope that our next poll can have a few more titles on it, but it's up to you you guys in the nomination process what ends up on the polls themselves.  

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