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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Comment Policy

Right now, I still allow anonymous comments. But that's mostly because internet Assholery is the T-Rex of the internet and only one article has "moved"enough for me to be seen. One day I will pull the plug, turn off the music, and tell everyone to get out of the pool.

It would probably take a lot to get ME to blink, much less be offended or actually hurt.  Ever since the death threats and the call for my execution, I've been pretty zen about regular criticism of my prose. However, I won't put up with comments that are hateful or hurtful to other commenters or nothing more than spilled vitriol, so play nice or I delete comments without even an explanation. Though this link is for Facebook, it provides a good basis for what sorts of comments will be moderated into non-existence.

Any comment left on a tab page or a menu entry will eventually be erased.  (It's not that I don't love you; I just want to keep them clean.) I'll leave all the comments on articles up until the day they finally turn power off to The Internet, but the menus and tabs would get very cluttered if I let comments accumulate.

ANY comment on Writing About Writing may show up in a later entry where I respond to it.  Consider that before you comment.  99% of my commenters are rational, calm, and awesome or just giving some quick feedback that wouldn't work to spark its own post. You can comment that you think something is great (or even not my best) without worrying that I'll repost your comments, and you can call me on my grammar mistakes forever without worry.  (In fact, I'm generally grateful if someone points out a mistake I can fix.)

The comments I might repost, are the ones that are clearly intended to pick a fight or get attention usually by some jackhole who thinks their opinion is gilded awesome. Anonymous feedback from trollish twenty something who haven't yet learned how tough it is to put something out there is common....or those who have done so little to be proud of themselves that they are really only capable of feeling better about themselves by belittling others.

So please, unless you 1- Identify yourself SOMEHOW in the comment,  2- ask me not to use the comment as entry fodder you may find it showing up in The Mailbox.

Above is a policy about comments!  I will not post e-mails or other private correspondence unless I have express permission.  I may talk about the content of an e-mail in vague terms, but I won't simply post them unless their author says it's okay.

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