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Monday, November 11, 2013

Poll: What is the BEST Speculative Fiction?

The poll is up.  Vote for the best (non sci-fi, non fantasy, non horror) speculative fiction.  

The poll is ready for the BEST Novel in the Horror Genre.

The poll itself is at the bottom of the left hand "widgets" (the menus, ads, share buttons, and such that run down the left side of the screen).   

Everyone gets three (3) votes.

I took all the entries that got at least one second--preferring to have a bigger poll to a smaller one. However, since the size of the poll was pretty big already, I made a pompous, asshole gatekeeper decision and took Sandman off the poll. While I would never say that graphic novels are not "real art" or some bourgeoisie bullshit like that, I do think it is a different medium, and even if you're talking about the writing, it has different conventions and aesthetics.  Apples and oranges, basically.

What I think would be really cool is if someone wanted to do a guest blogging article (or series of articles) on writing for comic books and graphic novels.

About half the nominations got no second vote and didn't make it to the poll.  There were some really good books there (including my own nomination, Sputnik Sweetheart).  You should definitely check them out if you haven't already.

The poll will be up for the next 20 days.  Please vote for your favorites, and get your friends to vote too.


  1. I like this poll :-)

    Did wonder about a couple of entries - Callahans is written by Spider Robinson - also curious that Glasgow Fairytale didn't make it?

    (I wasn't sure about asking, but figured might as well!)

    1. You know....it looks like you're right. I hadn't heard of that one, Googled it, and maybe I got my wires crossed or something. Let's see if I can fix it.

      The Glasgow Fairytale didn't get nominated. Personally, I probably would have put that one on there too--along with Animal Farm, but I go by what gets the nominations.

  2. Thanks :-)

    I think you'll love Callahans if you do get a change to read them!

    Yeah, agree with the going by nominations - reason was wondering was because I nominated and it was seconded. (Need to declare a bias that I know the writer - he's my brother - but I nominated it because I think it's great!)

    1. Oh crap, you're right!!! I just go down the list with another window open when I tally those up. The second was so far from the nomination, it must have gotten past me.

      Now to find out if I can add a whole new entry to a poll.

  3. Thanks! Sorry for delay in replying as wasn't on for a few days... ooh, more posts as well to read... !

    1. If I could like comments on Blogger, I would like this one.