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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Blogust's Best (And Coming Soon!)

These three articles will be going into The Best of W.A.W.

A Writer Goes to Burning Man (A revision of an older article, but nonetheless popular.)

That Feminist Crap (Technically a menu of other articles, but it outperformed other articles, so enjoy.)

The Mailbox: Personal Attax: (Hate mail always does better than the regular kind, but this hate mail did VERY well.)

4k more than July, and more than any month since last August.
Blogust was an interesting month. Many of you likely missed the entry where I parsed this because it was a conversation with Blog and only my die hardiest of die hardian fans bother to read that stuff. However, as goofball and light hearted as it was, I learned more about myself as a writer than I have in a long time.

I have spent most of my life perpetually guilty that I wasn't writing MORE. (More more always more.) I always felt like I should be pushing harder. I always felt like my output was questionable. In Blogust, I finally hit this point where I could tell I wasn't writing as WELL. I was just pushing keys faster.

Some of my best fans couldn't even keep up with my output because I was pumping out two or three posts a day. Even OG simply smiled and said she'd catch up later. My days were long and hard, but the result wasn't any better. We got a lot of traffic, but each individual post actually got less.

It was an important moment for me as a writer because I learned I can truly do some spectacular pacing if I'm drafting (like almost double Nano in terms of word count) but also that I have finally reached a point where the objective isn't always going to be "more." I have a new tool in my toolbox (maybe for when I'm trying to slam out an idea) but also a better understanding of its limitations.

This has some practical applications to Writing About Writing. Expect me to abandon 90% of my "brunch posts" unless I'm revising old articles or menus or something that has already been written. I'm still going to try to post every day (even on weekends) but I'm done with the quantity over quality. Of course, this may cause a dip in our numbers, but if I only wanted more page views, I would be writing web content and erotica anyway.

Coming Soon

September is already a third over, but there are still a lot of half cooked good ideas that were abandoned last month for things that were easier and faster to write, so I have a number of "deeper" posts coming up. They may take some time to go from idea to fully cooked. I hope to finish up the revision of No Apologies: A Defense of Why Speculative Fiction Needs No Defense, and keep cleaning up the tabs at the top of the screen. I hope to finish A Demon's Rubicon. Plus a lot of the articles I was threatening to post last month are closer to being ready–including something really cool where I got an artist to help me with the illustrations (tomorrow if I'm on fire, but next Wednesday otherwise). I've also taken on a couple of big fiction projects–one I recently started posting and the other (a longer work about Burning Man) which may not appear for months, but which I'll be working on in the background.

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