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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Memo: To W.A.W. Staff


To: All staff of Writing About Writing (sans cheese guy)

From: Cedric

Re: Stepping up our A Game

It has come to my attention that Chris has recently reorganized the posting schedule (again), and so I'm going to threaten you all with bodily harm (again) if you don't start taking your jobs here at Writing About Writing seriously.

Sci Guy and R&D- We are still under attack from the Evil Mystery Blogger. If your security systems are inadequate, maybe you should spend more time doing your job and less time trying to find a dimensional reality in which the Pretentitron has not been destroyed so you can clone your dead girlfriend. Kthxbai.

Guest Bloggers- Play time is over. Ima Lister has been the only one among you in any way carrying his own weight while Chris has been distracted. I know we've all been having a grand time living on the grounds and eating, but as of tomorrow I'm going to start "forgetting" to issue paychecks if you keep "forgetting" to turn in your guest blogs. Plus anyone who isn't a martial arts master might be getting an eight tentacle smack down.

Grendel and Mom- Seriously there are foods other than Manwich sloppy joes. And while we all enjoy honey mead, other beverages exist. Check into them.

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