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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Last Call for Y.A. Nominations

What is the BEST stand alone young adult book?  

We have lots of nominations for best stand alone Y.A. fiction.

In fact, we have too many. There's no way our poll can handle them all. I have to pick the ten or twelve titles that have the most "seconds." Nothing without at least one "second" will go onto the poll, and depending on how fierce the nomination process gets, I may have to only take titles with two or more.

So please stop by and give a "second" to all the titles you'd like to see make it on the poll. Or if you have a last minute nomination that you want to add, there are still a few days before I finalize the poll. Or if you just want to see how things are shaping up....

The rules are there, as well as the complicated definitions of Y.A. literature and why I'd rather be the includer and not the enforcer.

Please please please please leave new nominations or seconds on the original post rather than here, so everything is in one spot when I go to set up the poll. I am easily addled on the best of days.

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