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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Guest Blog for Writing About Writing?

Claire Youmans is taking some well-earned time off before she dives into her next project, but she assures me that she'll be back to keep blogging for us soon enough.

In the meantime, perhaps you've watched her wonderful contributions over six of the last seven Thursdays, and thought to yourself "Self, I could do that! WE could do that. We should do that. Let's do that."

You could! You should! Listen to you. You have some good ideas, self.

Writing About Writing is a small, niche blog. We get about a thousand readers a day. Though some articles go viral (or "semi-viral") most articles only get around a hundred and fifty to two hundred readers if they aren't shared and reshared across the blogoverse. I can't even promise you the untold "riches" of wide exposure. And even though I do tell writers I will give them the money their writing earns, that's usually only a couple of cents per article unless something is wildly popular.

However, any of the following reasons might be a good reason to blog for W.A.W:

  • You have always dreamed of being a part of a snarky writing blog, and you have lots to say about writing, art, linguistics, grammar, creativity, inspiration, reading, books, or possibly cheese.
  • You'd like to see what blogging is like for a few weeks before committing to firing up your own blog. Or you just want to see if blogging is a writing venue you might like to get your own work out in the world.
  • You want a venue with a pre-established audience to get some feedback on a proto-article for something bigger you're working on.
  • You are so new and/or small that 1000 readers a day sounds like a pretty sweet deal.
  • You are terrified of blogs any bigger than third rate seventh rate.
  • You really want to blog about writing, and this is just a great place to do that.
  • You are kind of a big deal, but you want to help Writing About Writing by bringing your star power to a page you want to support. (Laughing to the point of tears writing this one.)
  • You feel sorry for me because I'm always so damned busy and overwhelmed and a guest blog spot is a great way to give me a day off.
  • You would totally donate money, but the life of a writer is an impoverished one, so instead you will donate an article.
  • You really want to slum it.
  • You are a groupie looking for a threesome "in."
If you would like to join our motley crew here as a regular addition or just an occasional guest blogger, or just for one fire and forget point you've been dying to make about that one article I wrote that one time that you hated more than life itself, take a good long look at my guest blogger requirements and drop me a line at chris.brecheen@gmail.com.  


  1. Whenever myself starts telling me to do wild and impetuous things and I actually listen to myself, I wind up... Ah, no, never mind. Nobody needs to know that.

    In that in-between place of not awake and not asleep, my brain sometimes tries to whisper about telling people how to deal with the Voices. The only problem is that, when I'm awake, the Voices won't let me write that stuff.

    Wups, gotta go! Andi's demanding I writing TWO story snippets for her. RIGHT NOW.

    1. Ninja looks at you and laughs. "She's a little busy now. I have a lot going on. Places to go, things to do, people to kill. Oh, all bad people, of course! You know how the Superhero gig goes. And she's been procrastinating about writing the wedding scene for my secret identity. Gotta be honest with you, Chris, I'm getting a little ticked off about that. But I'll tell you what... while Peacekeeper and I are on our honeymoon, maybe I'll give her a break."

      She pulls a small notebook from one of the pouches on her belt and flips through a few pages. "Let's see now. Wolf, Wolverine and I need to create some mayhem in the alternate universe. That should be fun." She flips to another page. "Ah, and over here as Andi, I'm introducing Wolf and Wolverine's secret identities to my best friend and his boyfriend." She taps the opposite page. "Yep, and over here as Andi I'm having a lovely chat with the midwife. Probably shouldn't freak her out too much."

      Putting the notebook away, she say, "And on top of all that -- and the wedding, of course -- over in some other universe we've all been trying to get Drusilla to speak up. Poor girl's really traumatized. But we think she coming around. She's got a cheering section anyway.

      "Nice chatting with you, Chris... well, at you, really. Maybe a few of us will stop by later. After SHE finishes her writing projects. Hágoónee'!"