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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Best Obscure Book (Results Semifinal 2)

Another long day today. (The Contrarian is not in school this week, so my shifts have been starting at 8:30-9:00 instead of 2:30-4:00)

Today I'll post results. Tomorrow I'll get up the final poll, watch T.C. again, and try to do some Christmas shopping that I'm still not really getting time to do.

Hopefully Friday I get the Star Wars post up.
Again someone nominated a "best" book and then didn't vote for it. *throws shade*
Text version of results below.
Callahan's Lady- S. Robinson 10 23.81%
The Master and Margarita-M. Bulgakov 7 16.67%
Emerald Eyes- D.K. Moran 6 14.29%
The Abyss- O.C. Card 5 11.9%
Night's Dawn Trilogy- P. Hamilton 5 11.9%
Playing Beatie Bow- R. Park 3 7.14%
Seafort Saga- D. Feintuch 2 4.76%
Steelbeach- J. Varley 2 4.76%
Kit's Wilderness- D. Almond 2 4.76%
Rhapsody- E. Haydon 0 0%

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  1. The effect of not voting for your own suggestion is the "oh yea! I forgot about that book...that one's MUCH better than the one I suggested"