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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

[This post is an exact replica of the FAQ tab that I cut and pasted to be today's article. It perfectly combines the fact that Thursdays are the day I answer questions people send in with the fact that I have to update all these posts for 2020. I've removed a couple of questions that people have stopped asking me. (Having an editor means I don't get cranky missives about my spelling and grammar two or three times a week.)

You'll notice two of the questions are not yet links. The "official FAQ answer pages" still need to be written, and I am working post haste on them. I would guess you'll see at least one, if not both this weekend. However, you'll see that each has a link to the Mailbox post where I've answered it before. Likely the official FAQ answer will have about 90% overlap. ]

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q- Question: Do You Really Have to Write Every Day to Be A Writer?

Q- Did [X-event] really happen to you?

Q-Why do you/How can you hate NaNoWriMo?

Q-Why won't you answer my question for the Mailbox?

Q- Will you do freelance writing/editing for me?

Q-How can I get your kind of numbers on MY blog?

Q-Is talent important to a writer?

Q-How do you ACTUALLY start writing? LINK

Q-I want to write a book and not be told that I needed to have been writing every day for the last ten years. Is there advice that ISN'T "Write every day."  LINK

Q- How can I support Writing About Writing and it's struggling, yet devilishly cute and cuddly author? If I add up all the time spent being marvelously entertained, all the laughter, all the tears, and all the inspiration–as well as having my life and understanding of writing enriched–it would be longer than a directors cut of the Lord of The Rings trilogy....which I paid $39.99 for (even during a sale) at Costco.  How can I give back for all this joy?

Q-Will you post more of your fiction?

Also check out our F.A.Q. specifically for Facebook questions like "Will I promote YOUR work on FB?" "Will I read your story (sent to me through FB)?" or "Can I follow you on social media?" or "Why am I always so political?"

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