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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Just One of Those Things (Day Off)

Folks, I apologize, but I'm going to need to take today off from blogging. Hopefully it's just the one day––it depends on how quickly I heal. (Although there's something already written for tomorrow that just needs to be formatted and tidied up, so the blog will be back up and running even if I'm not.) I'll catch up with my update schedule on the weekend.

One of the more ridiculous things about being a writer (at least one who uses a keyboard) is how the tiniest of cuts in just the right place can bring the whole operation to a halt. On the pad of my right middle finger is a cut that is maybe....MAYBE three millimeters long and was so shallow that it only let loose a single drop of blood. But it's RIGHT in that perfect place where my finger comes down onto the keys. So I can type only if I'm slow, methodical, and exceedingly gentle. The longer I type, the more it hurts.

I've still got writing I can do. Longhand might be the "Out of missiles––switching to guns" of writing, but it'll get the job done. I have multiple things I could be taking notes on for the coming weeks. A few blog things that require more formatting and mouse work than typing. And of course I can type a little before it starts to get annoying, so I'm probably going to be working piecemeal all day. But I won't be able to put up an official blog post.

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