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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Eight Years Old!

Writing About Writing is eight years old!!

This is why we've been rushing to get all the admin posts updated for the new year. Now we can hit year nine at a clip.

Technically the birthday is tomorrow, but we've got an article planned, and I usually forget and celebrate late, so this year we're going to blow out the candles a day early.

Blog is feeling down despite the cake. Facebook throttling in fall of 2018 meant that there wasn't a single goal we hit*. We're still struggling to reach an income that doesn't require a side gig to make ends meet. And all the fun bellwethers to obsess over like page views and Facebook page likes have slowed down to growth at only a glacial rate.

*We technically hit about half of the self-contained goals, like number of posts written, but Blog wants big and flashy.

Blog will cheer up when Big Time is on its tenth or so loop, and will start saying things like "This will be the year we'll pay for medical insurance and taxes without side gigs!" or "This will be the year we hit a million followers." I will try to tell them that slow progress, baby steps, and measured expectations are probably more wise, but blog will be flying on ambition and cake.

Here's to more shoehorned listicles, mailbox replies, and maybe even a craft essay or three thrown in for good measure. Hopefully this year with a lot less cancer, death, and loss, and maybe even some kind of good news on the romance front. (That's for me, not blog. Although if you know a blog that wants to do the occasional play date....)

Blog: "What would you say if I told you this is the year we're going to average 40,000 page views EVERY month."

Me: "I'd say you haven't paid any attention to analytics in the last year and––"

Blog: "NEVERMIND YOUR NAYSAYER BULLSHIT!! Get to work writing the good stuff. We're on our way. We're making it."

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