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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Allies Are Like Sports Fans (An Extended Metaphor)

[I've got less than nothing in the way of functioning brain pistons today, so I thought I would share a spruced up version of a post that has gone a little crazy from my public Facebook page. Call it a lesson in extended metaphors.]

Being a social justice ally is a lot like being a fan of a sports team. You’re there to support them, you spend money on their merchandise, you identify yourself as such so that your team feels the love and the world knows you're there, you cheer for them, you talk them up to others, you gush about why your team rocks to anyone interested in sports (and maybe a few who aren't), and you jump in if someone's talking trash about your team (or your sport). You bring a megaphone and a big foam #1 glove, and maybe if you're good at what you do, you lead the bleachers in a cheer or two and get a few seconds on the JumboTron.

But you're not part of the team. You don’t get your name on the roster. If your team wins or loses, you're going to your normal job on Monday. If you're wearing a jersey, it's got someone else's name on it. You don't hang out in the locker room. You don't sit in on the strategy sessions. 

Also if someone from the team is doing a press conference, you fucking sit down and give them the microphone.  

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