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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Best of February 2015

February was a month of Social Justice Bard posts being the heavy hitters. These three posts will be going on to The Best of W.A.W.

A Year of Diverse Authors (Cue Literary Frenzy) Can you spend a year reading non Cishetwhitemale authors? And why did that challenge hit so much resistance?

Cultural Appropriation (Mailbox) When does artistic borrowing cross the line into appropriating another culture?

The PC Police (Mailbox) Shouldn't good writing offend people? Why should I care if I'm using slurs?

Once we're done with this vacation, I've got a lot of great posts that are written and ready to go up. Unfortunately I do need a few minutes to wrap them up, polish them, and post them, but I am not staying in a place with wifi. I had sort of imagined lazy days of writing and social media between Disneyland days, but it turns out I can't really even post an existing article from my phone. I can only do so much ducking into a Starbucks in the fifteen minutes before I'm missed. I'll keep trying to get some posts up in the few minutes I have, but we probably won't be back on a reliable schedule until I'm home. (The good news about that is that I'm still writing [because I write every day] so when I do finally get home, there should be a rich vein of posts for the first few days back.)

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