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Thursday, March 19, 2015

When Firefly Isn't About Star Wars

An extended metaphor for geeks:

Imagine that every time you try to have a conversation about Firefly, I show up and talk about Star Wars. You bring up the laser in the brothel episode, I talk about the new lightsaber cross-guard. Talk about Serenity the movie, I bring up the new Star Wars trilogy. Fox canceling mid-season? That's not going to happen with Star Wars because of the Disney merger. The way canon psychics didn't get developed in the show. I talk about Force powers and midichlorians. When you finally point out that you're actually talking about Firefly right now--not Star Wars, and that I am derailing a conversation in the middle of a Browncoat's Ball, I claim that you obviously don't LIKE Star Wars, and have no real interest in the broader arc of modern science fiction as a whole--even though both those statements are patently false (and in fact, you can probably better contextualize how Star Wars fits into the Science Fiction milieu than I can). 

Everyone has heard of Star Wars, I point out. It's obviously better. No one even knows all the characters or actors in Firefly. I can't even be bothered to learn what Firefly has to do with that vampire show from the 90s.

No matter where you go or who you're talking to, there I am to derail your Firefly talk into Star Wars. It's not enough to say "You're right, Star Wars is awesome" and go back to talking about Firefly. I demand that the subject be changed. I demand that you stop talking about Firefly. I derail every single conversation. And I fricken show up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Hopefully some of you now realize what you sound like when you pull that "what about the menz?" crap in the middle of a conversation about women's issues.

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