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Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Veterans Day!

I've given most of the staff the day off for the bank holiday, and I'm sitting here all alone in my office watching the kids in the park below me frolic and play and listening to my evil clone down in the basement working on his maniacal laugh while he writes his NaNoWriMo novel and having Fight Club caliber sex with Erika.

I considered going down there to bust up his little party, but there's a complication.  Remember how pLink took over our R&D department for a while to help against genocidal cephalopods and ended up having them making a projection system that could reveal hidden doors?  Well then, before R&D knew there was a clone of me, the clone told them to put a reversal switch on it, and they did that.  Well, then he kind of stole it.  So, it's REALLY hard to maneuver down there, since he can make ordinary doors look like walls.  All that research....down the tubes.

We're also undergoing some security retrofits thanks to Cedric assuring me that he believes the general quiet from The Octorians means that their high council is in session to consider what to do, and something bad could be coming.  Even though the security upgrade contractors took the day off, there are parts of Writing About Writing that blocked off and inaccessible.  (Like rooms where I wouldn't have to listen to those two.)  So I'm going to take my work home with me, enjoy the day, maybe catch a movie, and I'll get enough done that I can just pop in for a few minutes to post it tomorrow (even though I usually take Tuesday's off) and load it up.

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