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Thursday, November 1, 2012

October November and Some Wonderful Geeks

I. Lister burst into my office just now and said he came up with a wonderful idea for a list, but he wasn't going to be able to get it written until tomorrow and could he please have an extension.  There was some back and forth.  He told me to do the Jazz Hands I'm always talking about. I reminded him of ratting me out to NaNo ninjas.  There may have been some eye narrowing.  In the end I told him to write his damned more-awesome list by tomorrow, and I would figure something out.

So I guess we have an excuse to do the end-of-the-month report today.  That's okay.  I don't have enough mail right now to do a Mailbox tomorrow anyway.

October was, in a word, spectacular!

Good thing November is just starting, or Chris would be sobbing into his pillow.

I didn't think that we'd get anywhere near the Stumbleupon-inspired spike of August for a few more months, but October was only a thousand shy.  Pageviews keep creeping up. Most recently we've started averaging about 350/day and peeking up over 400 from time to time.  Still not "real blog" numbers, but the rate of growth is encouraging.  I can't think of the last time I wasn't aware that "Gee we're doing a lot better than this time a couple of weeks ago."

October's Poll results are in for The Ultimate Poll of Ultimate Destiny.  They clearly show that bacon beats out both pirates and ninjas.  That's right.  The great war can be ended with bacon.

Or perhaps....not enough bacon is how the whole thing got started...

I personally believe there were a lot more ninjas on this poll.  They were just hiding.  But I can't prove it.   So look for the November poll in a few days, and in the meantime, I hope you all enjoy your bacon.

Weep for the future Na'Toth!  

In November, I plan to work a lot on "ground floor" projects.  The latest bumps in traffic have reminded me that even though I can get buzz from things like Skyrim articles and polls, but the basic lists and genuinely helpful parts of the blog are still very much "under construction."  I also eventually want to get that stuff finished so I can drop down to two or three updates a week and focus more of my energy on fiction.  Expect a few more glossary entries, an article on craft elements, and a product review.  Also I'll be rewriting the Bradbury review that my evil clone erased.  I guess I should start backing things up since he knows all the answers to my security questions, so changing the password does precisely dick in keeping him from messing with the signal.


I'd like to introduce some peeps who I see at the gaming conventions I go to and who I've been friends with for a while now.  They do a podcast called Ace of Geeks.  They're worth checking out--especially if you're into geeky stuff like I am!

I have to be honest with you...I've been waiting for months to pimp these guys out because they're friends and because their podcast is a lot of fun, but it's mostly about movies and games and geek stuff and only occasionally about writing or books or something that I could latch onto as pretense for a shout out here at Writing About Writing.  However, they recently did one of their podcasts on some book reviews, and I pounced on that sucker like a starving person pounces on the last Oreo.  It is listed here on their archive page as special episode #2.  Definitely worth a listen!

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