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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I (Still) Want YOU...to Guest Blog for W.A.W.

You know what one of the most common bits of advice given to bloggers who want to improve their traffic is?

Guest Blog!

No really.
That's right.  I want YOU.  And I want you to want me too.

Got something to say about writing, art, inspiration, linguistics, creativity, motivation, process, craft, grammar, literature, reading...or possibly cheese?

Got something that writers or book lovers REALLY need to see?

Want to respond to something I've written, even if it's to completely disagree with me and tell me I smell like soup?  (I can see the NaNoWriMo fans lining up now--like that scene in airplane with the woman who flips out.)  And not that I smell like the good kind of soup that reminds you of childhood winters, but something with weird goat cheese, too much salt, and seasonings that make you wonder if the meat has maybe gone off.

Want to take advantage of my 7500+ pageviews per week and advertise your own online endeavors in a thinly veiled self-pimp-a-thon wrapped in the "sheep's clothing" of an article?  (For which I will only demand a shout out on your venue in return.)

Want to put an article or three out in the world, be read by lots of readers, but without having to start your own blog and piss off all your friends by pimping yourself on Facebook all day long?  Or just want to try blogging on for size a few times before you start one of your own?

Then I want you!

Bring it!  Drop me an e-mail.  (chris.brecheen@gmail.com) As long as what you want to write is mostly coherent, at least obliquely about writing, no more than 82% horribly offensive to everyone ever, non-abusive to other readers, doesn't make me cry (except in the good way),  contains at least one vulgarity, innuendo, or salvo of F-Bombs to o maintain the [lack of] decorum, and will not technically t get a fatwa put out on every Writing About Writing staff member (except in Iran), then I will totally publish your article.  I can't promise that if you write an article on why I'm wrong about everything ever in my face that I won't write some kind of rebuttal, but all opinions on writing are welcome--even ones antithetical to mine.  (I reserve the right to refuse a post for any reason, but I promise that reason won't be simply because I disagree with you.)

And...if you write for me a few times (five or six and then with some regularity), I'll even give you your own link on The Reliquary and sing your praises.  There could be tacos and pie. Or taco pie if that's what you're into.

I am also available to do guest blogging on YOUR webpages so long as I get to put some self-pimpage in there somewhere.  You should be able to look around to find my comfort zone when it comes to topics, but I'm always willing to branch out if you think I have something worth saying on a non-writing topic (generally I don't, but I can give it a shot).

W.A.W. isn't making enough for me to pay anyone (yet), but if I ever do, and/or your article brings in heavy traffic, we will figure something out so I'm not taking the hard work of a writer with nothing but the promise of "exposure."  I will gladly screenshot my analytics and make sure that you make the lions share of ad click revenue on the day of your post and the penny-per-hundred pageviews or so that I make from traffic on your article.  That may mean I owe you a few cents if you want it, I need to buy you a drink some day at a convention, or it may mean I need to cut you a check.  I can't figure out how the hell I make money most days in general, but I promise that I will do my best to be fair.

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