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Friday, July 12, 2013

This is What a REALLY Popular Article Looks Like in My World

So the article I put up earlier today on Changing The Creepy Guy Narrative went sort of "quazi viral."  (Viral for me, but there are a lot of bigger blogs that would still find my numbers today to be small peanuts.)  It has lead to the best day the blog has ever had, and the article itself was in the top ten of all time within two hours and at number two of all within eight.  Only 20 Ways to Sabotage Yourself as a Writer has performed better.  But it took something like three days to get to these kind of numbers.

Anyway, I really like watching analytics, and a few of you have expressed some curiosity, so I thought I would share the analytic charts from my best blogging day (so far).

Last two hours.  You can see it's actually kind of dying down.

This is the 24 hour view.
Hits peaked around 2.  It's still way way way over my normal traffic though.

Weekly view.  This is where it really becomes apparent how rare this is for me.

Monthly View.  If you look really close, you can notice the spike....
However, to keep it all in perspective.  This incredibly amazing, best-ever day has gotten me just about enough to make two dollars an hour for the time I spent writing it. So I'm not quite "there" yet.


  1. So. Relatedly. While we're here talking about blog hits and promotion. I was thinking that somewhere out there are another two sides to the story. So I did some searches. And in the process I learned some things I didn't want to know, like that some peeps filmed a *porn* video on BART recently OMG. But also that there's some things that could be improved about your searchability, so I'm here to offer you some unsolicited advice, which is the best kind, right?

    1) Your SEO. I think your previous post should be #1 on google for 'BART creepy guy' for the last 24 hours, if not for the last week. It's not. So I took a look at your site code. One of the ways in which Google rates the relevance of words on your page is through header tags. See all that stuff in your sidebars? The titles of all of those are 'h2's. Your *date* is an h2. But the post title? With all the important words one might want to look for to find this post? Is an 'h3'. So even though it looks bigger on the page to a human, it's getting less importance in the eyes of Google's robots. That ought to be something you can fix.

    2) Twitter. Searching "creepy guy" (which is, in general, as depressing as one would expect) found me 3 people who have tweeted the link. But it didn't find your tweet on it, even when I only look at 'people you follow'. Why, I'm not sure. Is it true you only have 15 followers? Maybe I'm not following your best twitter feed? Or maybe you have just focused on FB rather than twitter. I also think it might help to take the name of the blog out of the tweets, to maximize the importance of the post title.

    Ok, that's all, going away now.

    1. Some day maybe you can show me what h2 and h3 means because right now I "get" what you are saying but I don't have the slightest grasp of how to fix it.

      My twitter "feed" chrisibrecheen. All I do is click the button at the bottom of the page that cross posts an article. If people want to follow, that's great, and if that's too noise to signal, they don't have to, but I actually sort of can't stand twitter, so I don't try to do much there.

  2. They're talking about heading levels, with Heading 1 being a big title, Heading 2 smaller, and so on. When a list is collapsed, ordinary text and less important headings are hidden but the heading levels down to a certain point remain visible. So you might want to tweak the style sheet (or ask someone to) and make post titles a level H1.

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