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Friday, July 5, 2013

Trophy Case


Whether I hit 1000 page views or 150,000, I usually took the time to crow about it.  But rather than let all those posts float away into the cyberether, I'm going to put them in a gaudy display case down in the  Writing About Writing's basement.

Thank You--Yes YOU!!  (1000 Page Views)
Now that you've hit 1337 page views, what are you going to do?
25,000 Page views.  Thank you.  Yes YOU!
50,000 Thank you!!!
75,000 Our Purple Suited Book Pimp will have to wait.
One Year Old
Wetting Myself Over 100,000 Page Views. 
A Strange Sort of Milestone.  Thank you for helping me get here.  (124,000 Page Views)
150,000 Thank you!
Milestones & 400,000
Half A Million (500,000)
A Remote Milestone
Two Years Old
3/4 of a Million (750,000)
Those Breathtaking Moments
One Million!

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