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Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Thought for my Subscribers

It occurs to me that I may have enough new subscribers (or people who just check whether I post on Facebook or not) that my last entry warrants some level of explanation.

I don't do the bookkeeping every month to brag.  Actually, in a month like last, it's a bit embarrassing to me.  When it's very small, it's funny to poke fun at how absurd this whole thing is, but I was raised not to talk openly about money, so when there's an actual amount worth mentioning I'm a bit red faced.

Though last month was exciting (not enough to pay the bills, but very non-trivial), I didn't put the totals by way of a *squee*.

I keep tabs each month to maintain transparency.  I reinvest 10% of everything I make back into blog improvements, and I donate 10% to a children's literacy charity.  It's all here in my financial pledge.  I want people to know that I'm not "cooking the books" so to speak. I don't boost the posts through social media or advertise them at all, but they're there for people to look at if they want.  That also means that anyone subscribed will see them inadvertently.

So that's why.

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