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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


We apologize for the inconvenience, but Writing About Writing has been hacked by an evil mystery blogger for a second time.  They piggy backed their pernicious lies off our regular transmission despite every effort The SciGuy took to keep internet security.  (Frankly, he's been messing a little too hard with time/space continuum stuff in an effort to bring back a dead guest blogger, and not paying enough attention to his job of security.)

The SciGuy assures me that the best way to find the vulnerability in our security codes is to shut the whole system down and let him go through it line by line.  That means that Writing About Writing will have to be offline for a few days.  I promise that this is totally about an evil mystery blogger, and in no way is because Non-WAW Chris is headed to Burning Man for the next five days.  That's just ridiculous.

In the mean time, we will leave the poll for BEST stand alone Fantasy novel up for people to vote on since there are still a few votes coming in each day, and we should be back in business on Monday or Tuesday depending on the exodus traffic from the festival uh...how long it takes The SciGuy to find the code that was exploited.

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