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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fall 2013 Schedule and a General Disclaimer

This is going to be going up on the Blog Business Crap tab as my schedule for Fall of 2013

Mon- Update!  If the gods of temporal management are with me for the weekend prior to a Monday, there will be a good article here.  (The ones I like to call "meaty" because that makes Beevis and Butthead laugh.)  Though sometimes those gods decide it's fun to watch the mortal dance like the puppet it is and they fill my weekend with parties unsupportive girlfriend would "really appreciate" if I went to, mafia members who "need a quick favor," and Skyrim DLC.  In this case the update will be less spectacular, but there should be something here.

The staff here at Writing About Writing demand overtime pay for bank holidays.  It's better for our shoestring budget if we just shut the blog down those days.

Tues- Guest Bloggers- Because my Monday teaching schedule now includes a four hour break in which there is basically nothing to do but write, you can expect to see the return of guest bloggers.  This...uh...isn't because they aren't real and I'm making them all up.  It's because it affords me the opportunity to ride their asses.

Wed- No update.  By Wednesday I've used up any leeway time I have and I also have teaching plus trash day.  Something might go up, but it will likely be quick, meta, or link-pimp type stuff.

Thurs- Another "easy" day.  I will put something up, but it will probably not be one of my main articles.

Fri- On Fridays I answer questions you send in for The Mailbox.  You too can have your very own question answered by a not-even-slightly famous writer.  Just send them to chris.brecheen@gmail.com with the subject line "W.A.W. Mailbox."  I will also respond to comments--even anonymous ones from time to time.

Sat-  I usually take weekends off.  But I might find an image or a link It may be a link with commentary or a quick observation.  It kind of depends on how motivated I'm feeling.  Thus, if you're really excited about seeing something on the weekend, writing an e-mail on Thursday about how much you love W.A.W. would work.  A groupie threesome on Friday night would work even better.  Actually, the groupie threesome would work a lot better.

Unless there's been a threesome.
 I really can't underscore enough how well that would work.

Sun- I really, honestly try to take Sunday's off.  Or Saturdays.

Or at least one day.


The problem is that content means traffic, so a day where I don't do anything sees 200-300 fewer page views than a day where I post anything--even if it's just five links with a sentence each of commentary on them.  My numbers are still really small, so a couple hundred hits is still a big deal to my overall traffic.  So if you're ever wondering why I seem to complain about never getting a day off, it's because I'm an unmitigated page view whore.

Disclaimer- This schedule tends to be a little bendy.  Writing About Writing is a labor of love.  I wish creative writing could be my day job, but it isn't.  I know there are ads everywhere and "tip jars" and such, but I still only make about $2 per day on average for what is usually 4-5hrs/day of work.  You do the math.  (No, seriously, you should do the math--I took "Math For Liberal Arts" and had to do an oral report on fractals as a final.  I'm comically bad.)  When one of my two other jobs demand my time, I have to answer the call because they are the jobs that pay the bills.  So sometimes articles just won't go up on schedule.

(I know people get envious when they hear I made fifty or sixty bucks by the end of the month, but I don't think they realize what has gone into that.)

Also, even though I write every day, some days it is just an hour of free-write or some work on my fiction.  Blogging often takes four to five hours to create a good article--sometimes more.  There are days I have the time, but I just don't have the mental bandwidth.  It doesn't happen often, but with two other jobs that both wax and wane in their commitment, sometimes I'm just too wiped to do anything more than the free-writing.  If you want to see this change, please do your part to help W.A.W. get to the point where I can work less at my other jobs.  If this were a job I had the time and energy to do eight hours a day, you'd have yourself good updates AND fiction just as regular as clockwork.

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